Been told today by western power that they no longer (from June 2019) supply 100A cutouts to domestic premises, A max of 80A is permitted, the reason given is that they can not guarantee the ambient air temperature in the cut out box can be kept below 30 degrees. ... (me80/60) in cut out trust me 25mm won't go in. For what it's worth, WPD offered to come out and check/replace the cutout fuse for free with the rating depending on the size of the existing meter tails - max 80A on 16mm^2 and 100A on 25mm^2. Guy said - we don't pull the fuses except in an emergency. If you are going to do it, my advise would that, you shouldnt, but if you do, ensure theres NO LOAD, so switch the consumer unit off, then take firm hold of it and pull it out in one smooth but swift movement. When the shed/workshop/childrens play room was built. I rang today to arrange to have the main fuse pulled. P. paul_h. had to be replaced as it was of early 70s vintage and could only support 60A max. Eaton’s Cooper Power series electrical distribution class fuse cutouts are available in a variety of types: universal, arrester combinations and loadbreak types. Hi - I have been asked to do a Consumer unit change for a property that comes under the Western Power area. Western power not only did a free upgrade from 60 to 80 A fuse for me, they also changed the cut out to cope with it. If you want to change the CU you will have to have an isolator fitted. (But it does have a retractable roof, like the millenium stadium in Cardiff). Next job is to get an electrician in to replace the old fuse board, upgrade the remaining 16mm^2 section, and everything will be up to scratch for a charger installation. I've a 60amp fuse currently and the company looking to install a Rolec charger asked me to get in touch with Western Power who 'usually' upgrade to 100amp. I will not touch the main fuse as would rather not have the hassle. The whole fuse holder part (sorry I don't know the correct term!) All cutouts provide reliable overcurrent protection for primary distribution systems. I'm due a visit by SSE soon as I have asked them what size main fuse is in the cut-out (and sent them a pic of the BICC bakelite cutout) but it was not on file (understandably) so they will come out, pull the fuse & check for me. So now I have 25mm^2 tails and a 100A fuse - happy days! Western power come out and despite the labels saying 60Amp fuse there was an 80 inside. And they weren't long in coming to do it, from the time of my request either. !!! The cutout is made by BICC, the 60A fuse had a small fuse carrier, so had to be swapped over for a larger size (dimension) to accept the 80A. Western Power Distribution upgraded mine from 60A to 100A for free. Thats my thoughts anyway. All exploritory at this stage as I don't even have an EV yet, but looking longingly at the Zoe ZE50! They didn't require me to request a new connection, that doesn't sound right. Reply. Meter tails upgraded from 16mm to 25mm with 100A double pole switch, would have been ok at 16mm but thought would change at the same time. Reply to main fuse/ tails upgrade in the Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations area at 60A Fuse upgraded to 80A Fuse by Western Power DNO. They are willing to split the supply via a 3 core supply cable using just two of the cores to provide two supplies at two 80A cutouts.