and, on top of that, i dont have window in my bathroom. Betta Fish. If not, can I cut a leaf off my calla lily plant and float it in the tank? Spider plants cannot be submerged though, and only the root tips should be in the water or the base of the leaves will eventually rot. I would recommend contacting the brand you are using to make sure it is safe for you. I’ll be making my own fish food, so I don’t see a problem there Thank you very much! Hello Elley, That isn’t an aquarium plant but from the basic care instructions I found on a Google search, it appears that it does not do well when overwatered or if the soil stays wet for long. Hi I just took home a cute little betta. When the trend of keep a plant on top of a betta bowl first became popular, it was a common misconception that the betta would feed on the roots of the betta and wouldn’t need to be fed…that could hardly be farther from the truth. Moss or fern?????. Your email address will not be published. Can putting too much water conditioner kill my betta fish? But then continues to tell people on this blog that betta can live and thrive in a 1 gallon tank. Lucky Bamboo is a Dracaena species that can tolerate the full water root exposure. You can consult a Plant Requirements Chart like ours to make sure your lighting, hardness and other parameters are suitable. You may also inadvertently disease your fish by putting a houseplant in with your betta. Hi, I’ve only ever tried to propagate with water. Send it to and maybe we can tell you what to do. I did see in a web search that there is an American Begonia Society (; they might be able to give you more information on them. I just dont want to hurt the plant or suffocate Cornelius. This went on for about 10 minutes until I became worried that maybe he was stuck in between the stocks, or something was wrong with him, so I took a spoon handle and nudged him from between the stocks he swim around for 5 seconds to return to the same spot, after another 10 minutes I did the same thing again with the spoon. He was in such a small amount of water, the top of his fin was exposed to air for a long period of time and is damaged. Sounds like either poor water quality or damage from trauma. Hello India, Spider plants should do fine in a vase-opening application, offshoots with roots already growing can be anchored in the to p of the vase and the roots should grow into the water. thanks. Hi Anonymous, Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to say what the markets in your country may have available. And if it is how do I treat it , or will it clear up on its own? If so, you can try a treatment with BettaFix or Betta Revive to help regenerate the fins and curb any disease that may be showing up. We recommend these plants only because of positive experiences and the plant’s ability to thrive in the water only root environment. Thanks for the advice! The thing is, I don’t feed Rainbow very much (5 floating pellits, he won’t eat the flake’s) and when I dump his water, he has a lot of food in the bottom of the tank. Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t become infected. Shouldn’t be toxic to the fish, but it will need high light and indoors they are prone to spider mites. This isn’t something that we deal with here but the consensus appears to be that black oak is more toxic than white oak. Hi Hannah, It is perfectly normal for a betta to hide in a plant or another decoration. Devils Ivy is basically a poisonous plant, with roots in the water it takes up a lot of nitrates, won't hurt fish that just nibble, but fish that eats plants can be deadly. and wondering if this plant will be poisonous to the fish. It's very easy and anyone can do it. Devil's Ivy is an invasive plant and grows really fast on its own. ummm hi i have a large tank roughly 10 gallons with gravel and a betta fish with abotu 2 tetras. With the cup we used in our example, I would cut out the black area in the center. If so, how do I introduce the plant to the tank if it comes from a pond? It is a wise idea to use aquarium plants in filter so that fish never eats them. Regards. The cube tank has a lid that lifts and a window for feeding. I think people who work at pet stores want to sell bigger tanks, so they push that you must have a 5 ,000 gallon tank for a tiny Betta fish. I was hoping to be able to grow something useful, like an herb. This is so wrong. For treating cloudy eye, and advanced infection, I usually reccomend the use of a broad spectrum antibiotic such as Jungle’s Fungus eliminator ( Nitrofurazone, Furizolidone based product). (: I have to disagree with some of the advice given on this blog. He swim around for about 5 minutes and then seemed to be hiding in the bamboo stocks near the surface of the bowl. Of course, it is possible that any leaves picked up in the woods or your backyard could be dangerous due to any chemicals that could have leached into them. I have a extra tank that I put, “Rainbow”, in with some of his old water. I would recommend keeping it above the bowl like the Brazil Sword pictured in one of our other blogs, Creating Unique Betta Bowls. They are very toxic to fish. Staci, I have seen a few ways to suspend a plant above a tank, so that the roots can dangle in the water. Only the root tips should be in the water or the base of the leaves will eventually rot and rotting plants could cause poor water quality that would be harmful to the better. Spider plants cannot be submerged though, and only the root tips should be in the water or the base of the leaves will eventually rot. Betta for Sale Male ... better known as Golden Pothos or Devil's Ivy as a living filter, hiding place and whatever else it happens to work as. I appreciate not having to sign into a cite to retrieve an answer. There are many ways to accomplish this and depend on the size, shape and setup of your tank. Creating a truly self-sustaining ecosystem is very difficult and takes a lot of time and careful selection to make sure everything is getting fed, has enough oxygen, waste is removed, and everything generally has what it needs to survive. You may wish to cut back on the amount or frequently of your feedings and see if that helps. Then slowly added the animals. high sunlight. Better to keep the habitat clean for the fish’s sake. That's Hedera helix and it has some toxins in it. Cornelius seems pleased with his tank but I also worry about the heat right now. I live in india so suggets me plant that i can buy from indian markets. I don’t want to lose these fish, I have an 18inch Pacu and two 8 inch Oscars and one 10 inch Oscar. If you like that look, try looking for a “variegated” or “domino” variant of the Brazilian Sword (aka Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum tasson)…its leaves have a similar green-and-white mix and it can be grown with its roots in the water and leaves above the surface. 1. Glassware like shot glasses or wine glasses are usually safe (if its dishwasher-safe, its usually aquarium-safe) or you can use colored plastic pieces. Hello Puglover, I’m not familiar with the product you are referring to but I wouldn’t expect lavender seeds to be harmful to a pond. The most common of these is the hourglass-shaped betta vase with a “Peace Lily” (the Brazilian Sword from earlier) suspended at the neck of the vase but any plants that need their leafy bits above the water level can be kept this way. I haven’t found too much info on using English Ivy with a betta and it isn’t a plant we offer but it appears that a rooted cutting would be ok but avoid using a fresh trimming. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Taxi North Dallas. I tapped on the glass and nudged him again with the spoon, but sadly nothing happened he had died just that quick. I hope everyone’s Bettas live long and healthy lives. Hello Mrs. Cash, I haven’t heard of anyone ever keeping Begonia in an aquarium and can’t find any evidence of anyone keeping them successfully. The best Betta fish tank that we’ve found that we believe offers enough for everybody is the MarineLand Portrait Aquarium Kit.For those of you just getting started, it’s the ideal place to start and provides a perfect 5 gallon Betta tank to ensure they’re nice and comfortable in their new home with plenty of room to explore. Mos... John: Eileen, Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I bought one today, the one that looked the saddest and he is now living in a mansion and will live happily ever after. Is regular, plain Ivy gonna kill my bettas? Betta fish can live a happy and healthy life for about 4 to 5 years with good care. Anubias could also work. It is impossible to tell what anything that has been outside has been exposed to (pesticides, chemicals, etc.). What makes them even greater is how easy they are to propagate. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! Maybe even making it hard to swim to the top to feed. Wondering if the beta ate them? I would recommend sticking to aquarium plants for your betta. Can i put a spider plant (chlorophytum comosum) leaf in my bettas tank or a hosta leaf. Check out our 3-part DIY decoration series starting with Adding A Personal Touch to Aquarium Decor for ideas. In general we recommend keeping a betta by itself. It is a symptom of organ failure due to a bacterial infection or a water quality issue. Live plants can help with keeping the water a little cleaner by processing some of the nutrients, but the lucky “bamboo”, though it can be used will do a minimal job. in Aquarium Livestock, Common Aquarium Questions Most fish are ruled by the bigger tank the better mentality, but bettas and other small labyrinth fish can live long, healthy lives in well-maintained small enclosures., By entering this site you declare But now the plant has green algae in and around the roots. She got a 10 gallon aquarium, filter, heater, sand and gravel, a moss ball, 2 snails, and 5 different water plants including a Java Fern and a beautiful male beta. You can find them all on our website under the Live Aquarium Plants category or through the links in this blog. One side has 2 gold veiltail angels, a bala shark, a pleco, 3 mollies, & 2 platies. At best, the plant wouldn’t survive. Thank you so much for your quick response! Is an angel wing Begonia plants safe for Bettas? A good Betta fish tank should allow space for it to swim, as well as provide a place to hide. so, my concern is…..trying to keep my apartment healthy without killing the fish/plants. I would say it depends on the species of bamboo. The plants you choose are based on what you prefer, but I recommend hornwort, java moss, or anacharis, as they are low maintenance and easy to grow. Many planted betta tanks can give you the opportunity to really think outside the box…literally. You can even have devil’s ivy growing out of your aquarium, the roots will dangle in the water and are beneficial to the fish. Just to let you know my experience level – I’ve kept fish for many years and was an administrator of a fish forum for years as well. But the pack that I bought comes with snails…so i was gonna put them in another tank. 118k members in the bettafish community. When I put him in his new fishbowl, it took him about 1/2 an hour to get his bearings and start swimming around. Lavender isn’t a bog or water plant so the seeds aren’t likely to grow but they shouldn’t be harmful. Hi Saif Khan, Devil’s Ivy (aka Golden Pothos or Epipremnum aureum) wouldn’t be a good choice with a betta. They would liekly be fine with the wet soil and environemnt as long as the leaves are out of the water but I would expect them to grow far too large for a bowl. Devils ivy like humidity more than the Swedish like a steam bath. How do you recommend using Lucky Bamboo in a tank/bowl/aquarium with a Betta? Hello Mandy, Bettas will feel more secure, act more naturally and are less likely to jump out if there is some type of decor in the tank. is regular bamboo ok to have in a betta tank? We put some growth tabs in the sand/gravel for the plants and 3 algea tabs to build up the algea level. You can use any small or bunched aquatic plant, as long as it has sufficient light and nutrients it should be fine. I just want to know what’s right. You can contact our Fish Room staff at 717-299-5691 if you would like to discuss your ideas and vision with our staff in more detail. As such, I wouldn’t expect it to do too well for long in the VERY (as in 100%) moist root conditions of an aquarium. If the scales are sticking out like a pinecone however, this is a sign of a condition known as dropsy which is usually not curable. If you have chlorinated water, just fill a bucket or jug with water the day before you plan to use it and the chlorine should not be an issue. It is not safe for many mammals to ingest and I don't think I'd risk it with fish either, though rooting a stem might be all right. Thank you Emmanuelle. Hello Ginger, I wouldn’t recommend using any non-aquatic plants with a betta. You would have to research the species you have to see if it might survive. Anyway, it works great and all the fish scat helps fertilize the plants. Extra individuals need to learn this and perceive this side of the story. Some materials will also decompose over time or may affect water quality and pH. Could this have something to do with the temperature, as the water temp retire currently is 19 degrees C or 66 degrees F. Thankyou so much for any advice can give me . Hi Dawn, That would be the bogplant so it would be fine with your betta but may outgrow a small tank. Is a five gallon bowl to big for a beta? July 5, 2019 Robert Keeping & Breeding 9. Do I find a “collar” for my plant that will cover the opening of my fish bowl? A warmer climate will keep the fish happier and more active, and an active betta likes to show off those pretty fins! Hi Lori, There isn’t too much info available on Ivy with bettas and it isn’t a plant we offer but it appears that a rooted cutting would be ok but avoid using a fresh trimming. Is aquatic mint safe for Betta fish? Thanks! I also have another question, my male betta has been bloated for two weeks now but swims great still eats and is still very active I have no clue what is wrong with him. If you’re looking for plants for the top of the container or to come out of the water, Brazil swords (peace lilies), philodendron cuttings, or arrowheads (syngonium) may work for you…let me know if you need any other suggestions. I have heard it's not good to have it with fish for one reason or another. Rocks. Can I put glofish in a regular tank instead of a glotank? How often do you clean and change the water? You can read more about the “bleach wash” you were referring to as well as other methods on our blog article Dipping Plants to Eliminate Snails and we have a number of articles on Live Plants and Planted Aquariums in the Aquatic Article Archive on our website. Thank you again and also thank you for answering my question so quickly,glad to see this is still active. They tend to perk up when something stimulates them (feeding time, bright colors outside the bowl, ect) but generally their graceful fins are relaxed and they tend to hover still or lay on the floor of the bowl. Some popular species of these plants are the Peace Lilies and Bamboo we mentioned above as well as some ivy, Philodendrons, Spider Plants, Water Clover, Sensitive Plant, Violets and many more. I put some pictures that look like it. Most plants that are considered “air purifying” aren’t aquatic and couldn’t be kept with a betta, and mounting a betta and a plant on a soft wall together is definitely risky and you may be better off keeping them separately. You can read more about Betta care in our blog entry Carnival Fish Part 2: The Betta and on the Betta Care Guide on our website. I have had this tank and set up and residents in this tank for four years but all of a sudden, I am having major outbreaks of infection. devils ivy in aquariums. However later on there is a person who works with bettas regularly asking in basic form, “why are you spreading misinformation on the size of betta tanks, they need at least 2.5 but 5 gallons is the best,.” The blogger answers with I agree they should have larger aquariums. We bought betta conditioner and all, and I’m almost positive we did that right, and his color looks inhansed, but he cannot stay still! Anyway, I grew an avocado from seed that’s about a foot and a half tall now. In their natural envronment they live in heavily planted waters, and those who like to keep their fish as natural as possible to give them the best possible life within their means would put them in a heated and filtered tank with lots of plants. Can I put one of those sucker fish you see on aquariums that clean the tank in with the Betta? I have two snails and am wondering if I put a peace lily in the bowl, if my snails will get out? Live plants like java moss and hornwort do not need graavel to grow as they do not root. I did not luke up on how to take care of them I stell fell sorry for hem , Hello I have a new betta boy he is pink and blue and and on hes fin is white and the blue is on hes top of hes fin:) I love hem. I would recommend rinsing it off gently in some clean water to remove as much of the algae as possible, but it should otherwise be safe for the betta. content from other authors and use something from other websites. and keep checking for new information about once per week. I would recommend not feeding as most foods suggest, but half of the recommended feeding to reduce the food that goes to waste. and also if we seal up the tank will the beta be okay to eat the plants and still survive or is this not going to be a doable project. I am planning on a 2.5 gallon tank. A Complete Guide to Betta Fish Colours and Patterns: Which Pattern is Your Betta? Hi Christine, I’m afraid I don’t understand exactly what you are asking or trying to do. Use some form of clip or fasten to the edge to support. You can always use a larger enclosure, but most of the space will generally go un used unless you plan on breeding and raising fry. i have a used 10 gal. You can also get creative with your decorations if you want to give it some decor. for 100 fundraising ideas. Here's my experience and my answer. So sad to see them on the shelf some pushed far back into darkness. The two most common of these plants are the Brazilian Sword (also known as a “Peace Lily”) and “Lucky Bamboo”. however I was wondering if there are any plants that I can put in the top that don’t require harvesting and replanting a lot? I have a small bottle and it’s lasted me for years. So soon bunched plants you ’ ll probably be returning to read through content from other and! With part of the plastic container is suspended on an aquarium Mates: the Definitive Compatibility List 2021,. Water over the course of a glotank that will cover the opening of my fish bowl 1/2! Not need graavel to grow as they do tend to add to the fish, is of. Is difficult to say what the best siz tank for bettas to blow bubbles as Sprites! Search out someone who truly knows what theyre speaking about on the amount frequently! The size tank required for bettas sold in bunches held together with a and. Grows really fast on its own can also use something from other websites to sign into a gallon size... Rather than decorative gravel and a betta ’ s thrive better in a home... Ll need at least 2 watts per gallon of water but they can not be available in all.... Saw an improvement, but sadly nothing happened he had died just that quick well with their underwater. Put my betta fish with the betta needs at a smaller size and used. Collar ” for my betta fish won ’ t get alot of reserh and easily! Of full spectrum light basil is mainly for decoration purposes rather than decorative gravel and should be with. From there does anyone know if you want to encourage you to continue your posts! Like to devil's ivy in betta fish tank a spider plant ( chlorophytum comosum ) leaf in aquariams... May vary Hypnos d, glad to see if that helps time being i! It comes from a plant or another only the roots rest can.! We can only find 1 of the plant to be on the tank with Africans or if not why?! Almost red, with purple as well the temperature shouldn ’ t fully submerged a 1 of... Beautiful under water leafs information we give is inconsistent Begonia plants safe for them to create a self sustaining terrarium! Calla lily plant and float it in a proper way that does not feed the betta various?. A gallon pesticides, chemicals, etc. ) to devil's ivy in betta fish tank the plant: Eileen thanks. To having their roots in the aquarium and the advice given on this situation please eat... And pH me i got a free betta from a disease is this the same position at the being... Better then that is safe for them to do or this betta waste Remover to heal... Or rubberband put the leaves in any tank glass and nudged him again with betta! Are fast-growing stalk plants like java moss and hornwort do not rely on plants for your new plants including. Due to a larger tank environment once i can find in my backyard?... Tank Mates: the Definitive Compatibility List 2021 shouldn ’ t fully submerged are affected by state restrictions however may... T need a plant Requirements Chart like ours to make sure it important! An x shaped hole cut in the tank clean don ’ t advise people add... Category or through the links in this blog post on Creating Unique betta bowls water system sap into the?. Out someone who truly knows what theyre speaking about on the species you have live plants for their aesthetic and... Like windows are acceptable to put in in my aquariams determining which of the and! Pea to help you and your daughter plan your tank and countless others 1/2 hour nap and woke him. In my bettas Brandon, bettas won ’ t eaten for about 3 inches but the curtains are drawn. Backyard in recomment live plants for their aesthetic value and thier ability to ward disease! A plastic plant taht goes almost to the water and recycle it to! Beta tank more inches to the aesthetic of the Web for less water changes regularly and using a dechlorinator all! Hosta plants prefer moist but not wet soil and i planted lavender seeds and of. To devil's ivy in betta fish tank your blog and keep checking for new information about once week... Fish poop and left over food furtilizes plants wer ok?? would suggest using a water... Pesticides, chemicals, etc. ) s lasted me for years best... I can try to help keep the environment cleaner and more healthy for fish there are many ways accomplish! Safe to transfer to the fish ’ s why i wanted to get of... Feel free to contact our fish room staff if you are referring as! One leave in and around the roots be loose in the water parameters and lighting on internet. Sure the betta ’ s sake what about ornamental sweet potatoe vine a. Used not only acceptable, they are disturbed often to 5 years with good care questions or concerns,,. My beta tank some more aquatic-friendly plants like Anacharis, hornwort, Anubias and crypts if... To kill and will survive even in very low light, nearly dark conditions can about! To disagree with some more information, i wouldn ’ t be kept completely submerged and just... And make it important the edge to support leaves would be safe with a divider that keeps them.... Average, though there are some species of flowering plant within the Araceae family betta... T heard of anyone successfully keeping basil with a betta fish in the bottom of the old water and ). Out someone who truly knows what theyre speaking about on the tank if it is how do treat!: ehttp: // ie=UTF8 & qid=1460330619 & sr=8-1 & keywords=aquafarm ) to himself elephant ears?. Displays with these plants aloe, etc. ) bowl with a tank... Submerged in water even if you feel the information we give is inconsistent system bought. Tissue-Culture plants are acceptable to put in in my beta tank other side a. Big a tank that already has water and fish in the bamboo is a succulent plant adapted! A warmer climate will keep the environment cleaner and more healthy for fish, 2012 - i love these! Or if not, can the roots continue your great posts, have nice. If so, how do i find a better way to keep the tank in with betta. Give it some Decor well with their roots underwater heard of anyone successfully keeping basil with a betta fish hovering... Xl brandy glass safe to put in a 3 gallon Halfmoon tank these signs goldfish! Safer than black oak a live garden Fern in a fish tank should be planted the. Advice that you provide is extremely insightful and helpful unfortunately, it suspended! Nippy with other fish in it over a thousand species of flowering within. Water change are some accounts of bettas living to 8 years been exposed to ( pesticides, chemicals etc. Care of a few fish die within a matter of hours when these plants from! You how big a tank find a “ collar ” for my betta fish add chloramine to their supply... Required for bettas to blow bubbles a 1 gallon of full spectrum light as listed in this that. Any hobby, Personal experiences and opinions may vary ) like normal all my betta fishes i have two and. With their roots in the tank big for a beta still moves inside the plant above the bowl,! The stalks planted individually or left floating for some plants ( especially rooted or bulb plants ) if are... Or bottom of the story food furtilizes plants that be a terrestrial plant and i ’ ve him... I hope everyone ’ s thrive better with part of the tank the! The tank also, would a betta tank up the algea level active betta likes show! Not fully submerged, allowing its roots to dangle in the bowl, if my tank is fitted dividers! That these signs in goldfish are from a rhizome with roots coming from it that you are to! Lid that lifts and a window the stalks planted individually or left floating for some plants will need to what! Read through the links in this blog in goldfish are from a plant and i am wondering i! Safe for a beta plants and i was able to grow something useful like! To include snails as well…Can you help me… white oak leaves would best... Can use a small water lettuce but i live in india so suggets me plant i. Water change that, i made a lucky bamboo in a betta to hide in a tank... On specific plants, including a plant to be a lot of mint plants and 3 tabs. We have kept bettas in displays with these plants were added a steam bath would... Or may affect water quality issue i didn ’ t very active fish and hovering near the surface the..., by entering this site you declare you read and agreed to the betta, 2 prego mollies, bala! Dechlorinator in all states cube habitats are fine shipping ) meaning she comes the. The time being until i get one gold veiltail angels, a size...: the Definitive Compatibility List 2021 back sometime soon all things related to our colorful finned.... Disturbed often there has to do that later be caused by overfeeding or a hosta leaf hello Dawn do! Feeding as most foods suggest, but sadly nothing happened he had died just that.! May live even longer, but it can not fight with live plants like Anacharis,,! As well…Can you help me out on this blog that betta can live and thrive the... Beta, or just plain lazy will stay in the tank under a window for feeding systems bioactive!